Sunday, June 14, 2009

get OUT!!!

There comes a time when we must part ways. We have been together for 5 and a half years but you need to go. Frankly, I am glad ... you stink. I have had enough of you and I think we can part ways now. I will try not to do a happy dance as I watch you leave. But I am singing nSync as you leave. Oh, and DON'T COME BACK. YOU AREN'T WANTED HERE!!

Baby come on
I lived for you and me,
And now I really come to see,
That life would be much better once you're gone.

I know that I can't take no more
It ain't no lie,
I wanna see you out that door
Baby, bye, bye, bye...

(for those not in the know, it's a diaper pail...and we are done with it...happy dance, happy dance, hurray, hurray, hurray!!!)

Monday, June 1, 2009