Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I shouldn't have taunted Mother Nature ...

Remember this picture? It was December 11th and approximately 48 degrees.

By January 9th, we got some snow...

Then on January 12th, I complained we had too much snow.


I then went to Killington, Vermont for our annual Sales Meeting. I took my husband's four wheel drive. While I was gone. It snowed. It also snowed in Killington, but I didn't have to drive. Here is a picture of snowy Killington.

Oooh, then I went to St John. That was niiiiiice....

But then, two major snow events in two weeks. With no thaw. I remember the good old days when we only had two feet on the ground.

Our little tree, hidden behind the mound. This is what I see when I walk out the front door.

Side note: this is what I saw when I stepped out the door in St. John.

But I digress...

Here is the little snowman. The pathway is to our oil tank fill nozzle, so the oil man can come and take all my money in less than ten minutes.

Here is Elena, running the gauntlet. This path leads to the road, where the bus picks her up. Elena is 46 inches tall.

Our backyard or Antartica? We don't know. I was going to ask the penguins wandering by, but they were busy and wouldn't stop to talk.

According to the Weather Channel, as of February 4th, we had total snowfall of 74 inches. That does not include the 2 inches we received today. That is 41 inches above average. OY! Global warming, where are you???

All in all, this winter thing isn't so bad. As long as you live in St. John.