Friday, July 23, 2010

So last night I secured my status as major geek.

With much excitement, I went to see Star Wars In Concert.

I contemplated going in costume but I did not have a lot of time to prepare so, sadly, I did not. I did however enjoy the show almost as much as this guy enjoyed his rainbow. Fine, I'll admit it. I cried. Just tiny little tears though. Not double rainbow sobs, but little teeny tiny geeky tears.

Anthony Daniels, who played C3PO, gave a brief narration between each piece of music played. In the background, a huge screen played images of the movie set to the music. Each set was crafted as a piece of the Star Wars story showing a montage of clips on a particular theme, ie: Anakin, the Princess, Yoda, the Droids. There was an accompanying laser light show to round it out.

The show, for a Star Wars fan, is amazing. Incredible. Fantastic. If you are not a fan, and dragged there solely to please your geek wife, then it is good. But we really don't want your opinion, you non-obsessed person.

If you want a review that is not only well written but captures everything I felt during the show, you can read this one. Heck, his review made me tear up. Little geeky tears of happiness. In a way that only Star Wars can make me.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to watch all the movies. In a row. With my lightsaber and my R2D2. And remember this, Han shot FIRST.

Photo courtesy of facebook/starwarsinconcert

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1st

Last Christmas, my dad gave made everyone a personalized calendar with photos. Sprinkled throughout the calendar are fun, humorous holidays, like “Embrace Your GeeknessDay” (July 13th and you know I’ll be celebrating that day!!).

Today, the little blurb says “Second Half of the Year Day”. SAY WHAT? It’s already the second half of 2010??? WHERE DID THE FIRST HALF GO??

I thought about this. Sure, I read some books. And finally mailed my Christmas cards. And spent a few hours watching and re-watching Eclipse trailers. But where did the rest of my free time go? I finally figured it out. It was simple. One word.


I can hear you saying, “But Countess, you can’t possibly have that many friends that it takes all your free time to catch up.” “Wow, Countess, you sure are popular!” But, my friends, while I am incredibly popular with more than 1000 500 10 friends, catching up with them is not the time-sucker. Oh no. It's the games!

First, it was Farmville… planting, harvesting, plowing, planting, harvesting… and if you don’t harvest within a few hours, the crops wither and DIE. YES, WITHER AND DIE!!

When I finally got over THAT, it was Fish World. Oh, how cute. You can have your own aquarium. Oh baby fish. How cute. Oh, I need to feed the baby fish. What? All my fish died because I couldn’t get on Facebook yesterday? Oh my heck!

When I finally decided I couldn’t keep up with Fish World, I found a new time waster. Bejewelled Blitz. WOW. Can you say addictive? Match up three or more gems and get points. If you go really fast, you get to blazing speed! All the while, the game is peppering you with compliments like good, fantastic, stupendous, you are the best player ever, NEW HIGH SCORE. And when you have spent 3 hours straight in your quest for the elusive blazing speed and a score of 200,000, you glance over at the leader board. And there is Wendy and Sue, in the high 200,000s. And Paul and Jamie in the low 400,000s. And you get really mad because you can’t figure out how they are cheating (because they can't just be better than you. No, they are cheaters, I tell you...) So you play some more more more I can beat them more more and then you blink and

It’s July 1st.

So my friends, I have unplugged. I am taking the month of July off from Facebook to see if I can continue on in my life without it. So far, it’s been touch and go. I haven’t deleted my shortcut icon yet and that little F is just staring at me, taunting me, calling me…

Meanwhile, I wanted to leave you with these lyrics as a little “Goodbye Facebook” song (this song that I have sung to myself since I was, oh, about ten years old):

Maybe some day you’ll wake up, wake up to find me gone
And you will hear me singing to the dawn
And you’ll wonder if I’m happy there, a little more than I’ve been
And the answer will come back to you like laughter on the wind…

But it appears that these aren’t the actual lyrics to Corner of the Sky. Who knew?

Rivers belong where they can ramble,
Eagles belong where they can fly
I’ve got to be where my spirit can run free
gotta find my corner of the sky

So, happy July 1st. Remember, less than half way to Christmas. If I start those cards now, I might actually mail them before Christmas. Shocking, I know.