Sunday, December 21, 2008

Party Dresses

Here are my babies who've just turned 3 and 5. If you read the blog about the haircut, you can see that Roo's hair has grown in a bit. She did finally have a professional haircut, but it was just to shape it, so this is 7 months of growing in. Yes, the scissors are still under lock and key!

I made these dresses for Pooh's 5th birthday, because I thought it would be cheaper than buying them at LLBean. Hmmm. I can see that Pooh's sleeves are too short! Also, because I didn't like how they came out, I didn't bother to hem them. But they enjoyed them (luckily, they aren't picky!) and from here, they don't look too bad. Just don't get up close! Oh well, a professional seamstress I will never be.

P.S. They don't own dress shoes. I could never find any that fit right and I finally gave up trying. Try not to be horrified :-)

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C♥ said...

Cute dresses.

They would have looked precious with silver shoes, but they are so hard to find!!!