Friday, April 3, 2009

... Licky Licky Alien ...

A couple weeks ago, Pooh and I were just about done with winter.
Pooh started chanting, "licky licky alien, snow go away."

I finally figured out the beginning is actually ukulele,
but I don't know where it came from.

Either way, it worked. Spring has sprung upon us. So, if you find
yourself still battling those icky winter elements, chant along with me:

licky licky alien, snow go away, licky licky alien, snow go away...


Anonymous said...

I need to start today because snow has been rumored in the forcast next week!!

Mary P said...

Was talking to a friend the other day in of all places Michigan. i was told it was 80+ one day and snowing the next. Winter is gone around here but 90+ and then 60. Got a little ditty for hot air and cold air?