Monday, November 2, 2009

An Ode to My New Best Friend

Confetti dot fabric
How I hated thee
You gave me some heartache
All gluey and sticky
You ruined my needles
And made a mess of my hem
But I googled some bloggers
And took advice from them
With just some baby oil
(Alright, a lot of it)
The costume did not spoil
And I finished lickety split
You made a mermaid smile
And for that, it was all worthwhile!

Meanwhile, the kitty costume came together without any grief except that the child wearing it changed her mind and did not want to be a kitty. Until she saw the tail. Then it was great. Praise the kitty tail!


Mama Grande said...

From the Mother of the Seamstress: I'm so thrilled that one of my daughters is carrying on the family sewing tradition, which began back in the Old Country around 1400 or so. Before that, I think they wore skins held together with thorns. Anyway, Good Job!!! P.S. when I was growing up, the extended family had a series of gypsy costumes in every imaginable size which were passed down every year. I was a gypsy until sixth grade, when I finally got to be a skeleton. Explains a lot....

Kristina P. said...

They look so cute! You did a great job, Laurie.

mCat said...

Hol cow! You are talented! They look fabulous!

Mae Rae said...

How do they get cuter and must be the awesome clothes you make them

pren said...