Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some open letters ...

Dear Neighbors,

I am really sorry. I tried to talk him out of it, but sometimes it's hard to reason with him. He said, "better to do it now than when it’s really cold. Better now than when there is snow on the ground." So then I tried to talk him out of plugging them in. No can do, he said. Those aren’t Christmas animated deer; they are autumnal animated deer. The lights, well, those are definitely Christmas lights.

And while I hate to be "those people," it's in my best interests to keep him happy. Especially since he cooks me dinner and does my laundry.

So so sorry.
His wife


Dear Space Shuttle,

Please do not land in our yard. I know that the glow you are about to see from space will be very confusing and you will be convinced that we simply must be Houston from the amount of lights, but please please please listen to Ground Control and land where they say. I am already in trouble with the neighbors.

His Wife


Dear Soft Bristle Hair Brush,

Why, oh, why did I not meet you about a year ago? Do you know how many tears we could have saved if we had only met sooner? Oh the lamenting! I don’t blame you. It was my lack of intelligence that I didn’t think of you sooner. The blue brush had me so swindled that I just couldn’t think straight. But, better late than never, I’d say! The girls heart you and I simply love the tear-free mornings. I will never foresake you for another. I have seen the light!
You + me = forever!

(And a shout out of thanks to Jesus, for what must have been divine intervention there!)

Love love love,
Their mother


And just one little itty bitty post-it note, because I have no control over my addiction…

Asante na kwaheri!


Mae Rae said...

:-) The boys noticed the dear in the garden the other day and thought it was an awesome idea.

Kristina P. said...

I used to get perms when I was younger, and always used a hair pick. I've never broken the habit. I still use it exclusively!

Chief said...

Thanks for the countdown!

Melissa said...

Sounds like your house is really lit up for Christmas. :) Sure it looks great!

mCat said...

I won't tell you what my son and his friends did with the neighbors deer. Time and time again. You'd think he'd learn.

The neighbor I mean