Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A bit of this, a bit of that ...

Tami thinks my blog is lovely. I happen to think Tami and Tami's blog are lovely :-) Thanks Tami. (I apologize for being WAAAY late on accepting this award. I was still hung over from the last awards party I went to...)


In order to survive enjoy the holiday season, I think I will try this. Doesn't she look purty?


How does one go from this:

To this:

Without me aging a day? Je ne sais quoi! Happy 6th Birthday, my sweetie!!


Because above-mentioned child is turning 6 and we (in a moment of madness) invited approximately 50 people to her party (can't wait til the wedding), I will be busy. Then, there is the Christmas holiday to get ready for. Then, there is my mid-life crisis trip to Miami thinly disguised as a sales conference in January.

Know this. I may be silent, I may be invisible. But I am out there. Lurking. Watching YOU. Reading YOU. I might not (probably won't) be updating my little bloggy pooh a lot. Will you still love me? Will you still come visit me? Or will you scatter like the little floatie things on a dandelion when it goes all white and puffy?

Look at it this way. You are going to be busy too. I am doing you a favor by keeping your Reader counts lower. See? What a giver I am!!


I haven't mentioned Edward once this post.


And my stickies. If you stuck with me this long, here are your stickies for your post it note pleasure.

Asante na kwaheri!

P.S. Today I learned the strikeout html code. Golly I impress even me.


Kristina P. said...

Well, have a great mini blogging vacation. I think everyone needs one once in a while.

Tami @ HeartsMakeFamilies.com said...

She looks absolutely adorable. Congrats honey I love your blog.

Amy DM said...

Enjoy your Christmas time--I'll be here.

Mae Rae said...

Yeah! and boo! Midlife crisis trip..ha ha ha to go with your la la la...

Tamara said...

hahahaha I love reading post it's. Enjoy your break. :)

mCat said...

post it's are the best!

And yes, I will still be here.....

Chief said...

take a break...we will be here whenever you get back

pren said...

the vodka idea is really cool. and as to how she got so big and you havent aged a day...dont as me. ive been 25 for 7 years!

Melissa said...

Congratulations on the award!

Raine said...

Yay for html!

A Musing Mother said...

Midlife crisis trip? Did you send a memo? I can pack my bags now if it's not too late.

44 year old thought-she-was-hot but got asked out by 65 year old man.

P.S. Hubby is giving me a ring for Christmas. Silver lining.