Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Skew ~ Week 2, Participation 1.

I am joining in on a new project called the Skew.

It's week two! Topic: ... what is your definition of romance? Does it differ from your mate's? Has it changed over the years?

Ah…Romance. The word conjures up soft light, roses, wine and silk. Twenty years ago, this is exactly what I thought romance was. Carats and flowers. Dancing with Prince Charming on a strangely square landscape. Enduring words of love, whispered in candlelight.

Fast forward twenty years. Been married for ten years. Have two kids under the age of ten. Romance still conjures up soft light, roses, wine and silk. But my true romance is carrots and flour now. A yummy meal when I get home from work. Dancing around the kitchen with my lovah in a strangely messy landscape. Enduring words of love, spoken whenever and wherever we feel like it.

I blame the Disney fairy tale princesses for my unattainable, misguided idea of romance. I can say honestly that if some strange guy approached me in the woods, I’d more likely try to kick him in the cajones and run like hell. There would be no dancing. But if my lovah tries to break out into a dance in the kitchen, well, I might just join in. That is my style of romance these days.

Now for the disclaimer. Having said all that, I still believe in Romance with a capital R. I will read it, watch it, listen to it and devour it any and every chance I get. It may not be realistic, but I do love it. I suck up a good romantic movie like Edward would suck Bella’s blood if he could. Yes, I know it’s fantasy. Yes, I know guys aren’t really like that. But it’s how I escape from the real world. I am a sucker for it all!!

Now if you will excuse me, I think I hear Rose singing something about a dream…

Wanna play along? Click over here to my BBFF's blog, read hers, laugh, then write your own and link up. Or you can go here. Or here. Or here. They are all great. I need to find out who this JennFab person is, because I bet she is great too.

Hee hee, I said cajones... I know, I am fortay, I really need to grow up :-)


Kristina P. said...

I think romance takes on a new meaning when you've been with someone for a long time.

MrsMama said...

Rose ruined it for me. Real life has turned out different than Disney for me and I admit that I still struggle with my "idea" of romance vs. Real Life.

Sigh. Darn you Rose!