Friday, March 26, 2010

Who, me?

The dreaded CrackFacebook had an ad today that said “Who do you think you are?” It got me thinking deep thoughts about who I was. When I don’t know something, I go straight to Google. So I googled me to see who I was…

I am a writer … I am a doctor … and I own a dressage store.

Okay, so none of those are really me… I just married into that name.

I don’t think any one on this Earth knows the real me. My husband knows me the best, but insists I hate ham (even though I don’t) so his knowledge of me is a bit incomplete.

Do I even know the real me? I don’t think so.

About 6 years and some months ago, I went to the hospital to have a baby. I was tough and could handle pain. My threshold was high, I tell you! I didn’t need those stinking drugs that the wussies use. At one centimeter, I begged, no BEGGED, Dr. A for drugs and almost killed my husband for merely suggesting I breathe. Guess I didn’t know me.

Most of my young adult like I could be found making definitive statements like these:

I am moving out of this state!

When I am having children, I am never ever going to do / say / let them have that (insert whatever here)!
(Oh, and did I ever!)

I would never do that (insert whatever here)!
(Yep, did that too.)

I will NEVER listen to country music!
(Tim McGraw – need I say more? Siggghhhhh….)

So, it seems that everyone around us knows pieces of us and we ourselves know pieces of us. But until we are faced with it, whatever it may be, can we be 100% sure. I now know I can’t. So how well do I know myself? I don’t have an answer. But, I will pray that the good Lord give me guidance and wisdom when faced with "it".

Now, because I do know that I am curious and completely nosy, have you googled yourself? Who are you?


Mae Rae said...

funny thing is my favorite donut is plain. Yup to this day the man I sleep with every night will tell you that my favorite donut is a plain donut.

Laura said...

I have started to write "about me" for my profile about 100 times and never finish. Depends on who you are as to who I am...

Great post!

mCat said...

Great question. I don't even think I can answer that for myself. That might have to be a whole 'nother post of some sorts.

Heather! said...

LMAO at this! It's a great post, and funnily enough, I *did* recently google my name, and found some pretty impressive stuff! I am planning to blog about all the things I have done and do sometime soon! Like a parallel life....

As for *this* life, I think I've given up trying to define it or the me who lives it. These days I relax in the passenger seat and enjoy the view! :)

Lee-Ann said...

Yay! I'm happy to see you post, you have been spending way too much time with that Kindle! I don't think anyone can really know themselves since situations always change. Something I thought I would never do but I could totally be suckered in during a moment of weakness. It is all good, it is about learning and living and truthfully as long as you stick to some core morals, it will be alright. :)

Kmama said...

I actually can't find me on google. Imagine that. LOL

My identity has changed many times though.

Funny about the hubs insisting you don't like ham. ;-)

Kristina P. said...

I have never Googled myself. I probably shouldn't. I'm sure my name is next to "Snuggie."

Chief said...

awesome Laurie

I google myself and get way to much stuff

still finding who I am I guess

A Musing Mother said...

I have found that I am changeable and my metamorphosis will never end.

All I know for sure is that I will never ever say "never ever."

Because you never ever know, do you?

Pass the epidural, will you?

Mama Sammi said...

Hey thanks for stopping by!! I loved your post its but had to comment here. I am fairly new to the bloggy world and have for weeks been trying to write an about me page... This however did not help LOL but I loved it!! Hope to see you around again!!