Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday Sweets

The following post is for my Mom and Dad. And maybe MaeRae. Because it is a video of my adorable, talented, beautiful children singing in their melodious voices. And only grammies and grampies and quasi-aunties can truly appreciate this.

The rest of you might be thinking to yourself, oh for the love of Pete, not another picture/video/drawing of her freaking kids again!! When is she going to write a real blog post? That's it, she is OFF my reader...

Although, someday, when they are more famous than Brittney, J-Lo and Shakira combined, and we are on the Ellen show (yes, we) you just might find yourself watching this and thinking it looks oddly familiar.

Sorry about the shaking. I am no videographer. and I was laughing in the middle. And it's on my point and shoot camera. Not the Flip I am hoping to convince my dad to buy me - hi Dad! Yeah. All that.

Enjoy... (mine are in the first row, second and third from the right)

(ps. I know it's Monday in the rest of the world. But this is Laurieville. Just go with it.)


Mae Rae said...

OMFW! that was just the cutest ever. I love the fact that E started with the dancing. J-Lo for sure on that one. R on the other hand I am not sure. She is a little more reserved, maybe she will be a Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift. Yeah, that is my vote.

MrsMama said...

Really sweet! You can use this, you know, for future blackmail fodder... ;)

mCat said...

How stinking cute is that?! And, now I will have that song stuck in my head for the whole rest of the day!

And what the hell is OMFW that Mae Rae used?

Heather! said...

I LOVE your little triple threats (singer/dancer/outright cutie)!! I also loved the little girl in black who seemed to migrate during the performance. I like that attitude..."Ya know, I don't really like standing here. I'll try over there. Yeah. This is better."

Beyond adorable. Way beyond! :)