Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Follow / Random Words


Hello. I thought I might give this Friday Follow a whirl and see how it goes. If you are new here, welcome and thanks for stopping by. If you are following, please let me know so I can follow you back. Now, on with the post!

Did you ever notice how words become trendy and take on a life of their own? Earlier, I was watching a movie preview and the announcer said something was epic. I have been seeing this word more and more lately. And I like it. It really makes me understand the greatness the writer is trying to express. This led me to wonder if there is anything bigger than epic? Anyone?

This word has somehow wormed its ugly way into everyday conversation. If “LOL” is the text-ender, at my house, “whatever” is the argument ender. It’s ugly. It’s dismissive. It’s condescending. If someone says it to me, I hear “Well, I have had enough talking to you and I no longer care about your opinion, so whatever else you have to say is unimportant and I am moving on with my life.” I have come to detest the use of “whatever”. I have made a conscious effort not to use it because when I do, I am usually being nasty. Whatever. How did a simple word come to annoy me so much?

Are there any words you have noticed that are trendy or completely annoying?

P.S. I apologize in advance if you use whatever. I assure you, I don't find it nearly as annoying when you say it than when my husband does :-)

P.S.S. Paradigm... very trendy, no idea how to say it, much less what it means... what a paradigm!


Heather said...

I agree with your word assassments. When I say whatever it is because I don't want to talk to the person any more about a particular subject. In addition it usually means I "lost" whatever conversational point I was trying to make.

Nice to meet you from the blog hope.

Heather said...


Unless you were being sassy....then my original spelling was cool.


thisamericantourist said...

We've noticed an uptick in "Just sayin'"s in our house. "That dress makes you look like Aquaman. Just sayin'. " "This meatloaf is like mana from the Gods. Just sayin'." We've said it so often it's lost its meaning.

I've never used "Whatever" to end an argument, but I imagine it must be hurtful to be so dismissed.

Melissa Blake said...

Hi, just found your blog! Great one! xoxo

Kristina P. said...

I agree with Thisamericantourist. I think the "Just Sayin" thing has gotten a little out of control, and is very snarky.

Mae Rae said...

DUDE! this is a word that if I hear or am called again I will want to strangle.

mCat said...

First off - MaeRae! DUDE!!


epic is one of my new fav's as you likely already know. And whatever is totally my argument ender, or my "see how pissed I am?" go to word.

Just sayin.....still using, but need to move on.

Pam said...

My aunt was visiting a few weeks ago and she used the phrase "bless it" 19 times in the first hour.

Anonymous said...

My very bestest favouritist word at the moment is diriculous ;0)

MrsMama said...

The word "like" is not a new trend, but it is currently being used at my house by my teen and it drives me, like, crazy!

cathyjoy said...

i read somewhere that when you say "whatever" you are really saying "f*&# you" and after actually paying attention? it's true! and i admit to using "epic" specially when the hubs does somethin stupid..."epic fail!" *snort* love to use "epic" on the hubs! anyway...found you thru chief and i'll be back...just sayin'

cathyjoy said...

and...btw...thanks for stickin' ABBA in my head damnit!

Melissa said...

I don't like 'whatever' either. I find it to be a condescending word.

Mama Hen said...

I think whatever is not the nicest. You have a new follower from Friday's blog hop! Come visit me at Mama's Little Chick.

Mama Hen

Paul T said...

"Fail" (as a noun) is one my friends and I use a lot. It's often combined with epic (e.g., That was epic fail).

Haha, an even funnier thing is when they say "Fail sauce!" I guess they use it like an exclamation when something is really "fail". E.g., "The officiating in the NBA Finals is so fail sauce!" I guess in a way, it's like saying that Fail sauce is an ingredient in making something "Fail".

Danielle said...


The word ,, misused or properly used is in every other sentence in conversation.

drives me bonkers!