Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hokey religions and ancient weapons

May the Fourth Be With You!

Yes! It Is Star Wars Day!! I like to say I am a Star Wars geek, but according to the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, a geek is defined as “a person, especially a man, who is boring and not fashionable.”

What? ME? Boring? Not fashionable? I dare say (my phrase of the week) I am nothing if not fashionable.

Case in point:

You may recall there was a wedding last week. You may have missed it since it wasn’t a big deal in the American press. But to remind you, (and bring you right back there in case you have moved on), Prince William and Kate Middleton were married on Friday.

As part of the festivities, I was planning to wear a tiara on Friday, April 30th, the day of the wedding. However, my good friend M-Cat got wind of this and triple dog dared me to wear one every day of the week. Yes, a TRIPLE. DOG. DARE.

Well, once the proverbial glove smacked me across the face and the gauntlet was thrown down, I had to oblige.

M-Cat posted all about it here:

A Royal Triple Dog Dare

Go visit. See my royalness. Give M-Cat some love! Let her know I sent you.

So until next time, with fondness,
Countess Laurie*

*Who is STILL waiting for her royal invitation. What? Yes, I realize that Laurieville is a small sovereign nation, led by a dictator, but really… to not get an invite? Shun me, will you? You will rue the day, royal guest list writers…


mCat said...

I read this ONLY because I love and adore you! AND - I wanted one last change to mock the royal wedding. Is that WIlliam going BALD?!?!!?! Kate is totally marrying him for his money, we all know it. I expect that Playboy will come out with their expose any day now!

And you my friend - are the ONLY royalty I give a damn about!

Kristina P. said...

YOu really embraced the challenge! A different tiara everyday!

Amy DM said...

Way to rock those tiaras. Now I totally want a tiara of my own.

Chief said...

I stopped by...

I know, I know, get the defribulator

The Britts are stupid