Tuesday, September 6, 2011


WARNING: Gratuitous "First Day of Kindergarten For Rachel" pics ahead for the grandparents and the one uncle who reads this blog (you know who you are :) ... and maybe I'll get a real post in soon. But first, I must fill out 83 forms with my name, address and who to contact in case of emergency... I think it would be easier to get this tattooed to their butts. Honestly!!

Happy September, ya'll!


Senior Dave said...

As I said before, it is awful hard being humble when I see pictures of my Grand, and I do mean Grand, Grand Children. And if you tattoo their butts I'll have to send my neighbor "Bubba" up to take control... you'll recognize him... more tattoos than teeth. On 2nd thought maybe I won't send him, they'd end up with a Harley tat somewhere where people can see!

mCat said...

So cute! and those 82 forms? You're gonna have to fill the same ones out every damn year. Insane!

Melissa said...

I think tattooing the information on them is a great idea! ;)

Like the name Rachel, it was my gram's name.