Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It Doesn't Take Guts To Quit!

Hi. Been a while.  Yeah yeah.

My 19 year old nephew Taylor left the east coast on January 1 to bicycle ride across the country with his friend Steve.  As they were planning the trip, they found out that the St. George, Utah Ironman would be taking place at the tail end of their journey.  So they said what the heck, let's do the Ironman too!  Anyone who is my facebook friend knows how insanely proud I am of this kid.  And so I wanted to share his story about the Ironman ~

Taylor's Ironman Story

If you have time, read some more of his and Steve's blog,  Trailing The Sun.

I have learned some important lessons from Taylor and Steve's adventure...

1) There still are good, honest people who will give you a hot meal and a place to stay even though you are just a kid on a bike.

2) Runners are good people.  This I already knew from a very special runner I know, but Jason and the others who encouraged him reaffirmed it.

3) I will never do an Ironman.

4) You know what they call the last man to cross the finish line (in an Ironman)?  An Ironman!!!

Now, get out of here, grab a tissue and go read Taylor's story.  Read about the amazing Jason.  Leave Taylor and Steve a note.  Tell them the Countess sent you!!